No matter it is the mechanical watches or the quartz watches, there will happen the problem that the time will walk slowly, and the difference is just on the reason. However, for the mechanical watches, the walking-time problem of the automatic mechanical watches is also different from that of the manual mechanical watches. What factors can lead to the slower time walking of the automatic mechanical watches? Just find out the questions here.

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tag heuer swiss replica

Automatic mechanical watches can be divided into two types: half automatic and full automatic watches. The half automatic watches can only wind when the automatic Vedas rotate in a certain direction, but the full automatic watches can wind no matter what direction the automatic Vedas is rotating at. And the differences are only at the one-way reversing device, two-way reversing device or ratchet pawl type device. What reasons can cause the slower walking time of the automatic mechanical watches? In the modern social life, the electronic products are around us here and there which can produce the magnetic field, strongly or weekly, which will cause the walking time more and more slower after a long time. Here let’s find out the reasons that resulted in the slower walking-time of the automatic mechanical Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches.

1) Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watch being magnetized. The way to deal with it is very simple, and you just need to take it to the after-sales service without opening the watch case, and just use the demagnetizer for demagnetization, and the walking time of your replica tag heuer aquaracer can turn to normal within two seconds.

2)The insufficient energy reserve. Your Tag Heuer mechanical watch needs regular winding to ensure that the watch have enough energy reserve to continue walking.

3) Long wearing time without any maintenance on your Tag Heuer watch so that causes the accumulation of the sludge and the watch walks slowly. Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch need to regularly maintain according to your wearing time.